This Is Not Your Mama's Bootcamp

Power Learn Academy is tailor-made for the tech junkies, frustrated dreamers, puzzle solvers, and fast learners of the world who could be successful at many careers, but crave a job in tech. If that’s you, we’re ready to pull you from the position you hate and create a clear path to your new career.

We Train, Mentor, and Place

Microsoft Certified Consultants

Say goodbye to outdated tech and generic courses that ultimately lead you to a dead end on your career path. Our curriculum is designed to give you the skills that companies are actively seeking and provide you with a tangible entry point to the industry. That means we are 100% focused on Microsoft technologies and have over 25 of the nation’s best Microsoft solution partners who intern and hire our Microsoft Consultants. To keep up with our unparalleled placement rate, we are intentionally selective, accepting only the most passionate and driven individuals who are ready to gain an entry-level position at $58k or more.

Our Apprentices Impress Themselves and Their Employers

The Power Learn Academy Difference

Power Learn Academy is the most successful program in the Microsoft ecosystem because we only accept individuals we can place. That means they have the drive to succeed, the ability to learn fast – at our pace, and excellent communication and trust building skills. Did you notice we didn’t say experience in tech? That’s because we provide that piece of the puzzle. Here are the other things we commit to: 

Trainers that Work in Tech

Unlike traditional tech programs, we don’t hire instructors. Our classes are conducted by the best and brightest solution consultants and business professionals in the Microsoft community. They’re running projects for clients around the world and pause to share their knowledge with Power Learn Academy students because they want to see lives changed.

Industry-Respected Certifications

To be clear, we do NOT teach to a certification. We teach the information you need to do your job successfully, then support you in securing your certification. The tests our students pass post class are meaningful and respected by the Microsoft partner community.

Work After Graduation

If you’ve been through a career change program before, you may be used to getting the certification and figuring out a job by yourself. That’s not the case at Power Learn Academy. From day one, we’re pitching you to partners and prepping you for your guaranteed internship.

The Job is Just the Beginning

Beyond helping you secure your first job in the industry, we immediately plug you into the Microsoft community. Our alumni quickly learn that their first position is just the beginning of their amazing new career. They also gain networking opportunities with Microsoft MVPs, additional training, and take advantage of speaking opportunities.

How It Works

We have over a 95% placement rate because our apprentices are dedicated to their own success. They work alongside our senior consultants to learn the technology while pushing to complete the next phase of their career change journey.

Student 25%

If you become one of the select few who make it through the vetting process, you will undergo an intense, full time training period that immerses you in the world of Microsoft cloud solutions for business. During this time, you’ll gain your Microsoft certification and graduate from Power Learn Academy.

Internship 50%

Our placement specialists will help you secure a paid, 60-day internship with a Microsoft client or partner to gain experience working on projects in a team environment. Because we start the interviewing process during the program, some students skip the internship and move directly to a full-time position.

Apprenticeship 75%

After a successful internship, our placement specialists work with you to secure a 2-3 year apprenticeship with a pre-negotiated salary of $58k – $63k a year plus benefits. However, in rare instances, apprentices who bring previous technology experience to the table may receive a starting salary well above the pre-negotiated rate.

Associate Consultant 100%

Once the apprenticeship is complete, high performers will become an Associate Consultant and can expect to make between $85k – $98k plus benefits. It is not uncommon for our associate consultants to grow beyond this salary range and in some cases, start their own Microsoft-focused business.

Explore Our Courses

During our courses, we spend the time showing you how to do the work in your new role and ask you to prove you have competency by showing us your work – every week. This immersive experience is conducted in a hybrid format, allowing you face to face time with your instructors and occasional hiring partners.

Business Apps & Automation

  • Hybrid Course
  • 12 Week Commitment
  • Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Certification

Finance Apps & Planning

  • Hybrid Course
  • 12 Week Commitment
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Certification

Collaboration & Communication

  • Hybrid Course
  • 12 Week Commitment
  • Microsoft MS-700 Certification: Managing Teams

Curious how Power Learn Academy compares to a traditional degree and other career change programs?

You Question Everything...GOOD!

Being inquisitive is a must at Power Learn Academy, and we like that you need the details before taking the next step. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. We’ve also provided a form for the other questions you have roaming around in your head.

In short, Power Learn Academy is a faster paced higher education alternative with a reputation of placing students in a full-time position after graduation instead of making you figure it out on your own. When it comes to credibility, our partners prioritize interviewing Power Learn Academy graduates over degree holders.

No. You bring the passion for technology and drive to succeed, we’ll provide you with technology experience.

Financial assistance is available for every course. However, we tell our applicants, if this is the right career choice for you, the price of your education will be forgotten in the first 5 years.

Our graduates have the experience partners are looking for because they spend Monday through Friday 9 – 5 in the classroom, working on the technology, doing labs, and providing demos. It will be incredibly hard to have two full-time jobs at once.

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