The Challenge

Finding Top-Notch Functional Consultants

The reality of today’s competitive landscape is the demand for skilled functional consultants with expertise in the Microsoft stack is skyrocketing. However, finding affordable qualified candidates who can hit the ground running can be a daunting task. This shortage of talent often leaves companies like yours struggling to find the right professionals without incurring high recruitment costs. 

How Power Learn Academy Solves It:

Your Trusted Talent Solution

Over the last 5+ years, Power Learn Academy developed a game-changing solution. We specialize in recruiting, vetting, training, certifying, mentoring, and placing exceptional functional consultants who can make an immediate impact on your Microsoft projects. Our comprehensive apprenticeship programs are tailored to connect you with highly skilled professionals who are ready to contribute to your organization from day one. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Our partners have experienced the benefits firsthand and have seen their organizations thrive with the help of our talented professionals.

Exclusive Access to Exceptional Talent

Whether you need expertise in business apps and automation, finance apps and planning, or cloud and security, we have the talent to match your unique requirements. By partnering with Power Learn Academy, you gain access to a diverse pool of skilled and passionate professionals who are ready to work on your projects day one. This means you’re prepared to:

Accelerate Onboarding

Leverage our 90-day internship option to streamline your onboarding processes, getting your apprentice up to speed faster than your new hires. This saves time and ensures a seamless transition to their full-time position. 

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Cut down on expensive and time-consuming recruitment processes by gaining access to a pool of pre-vetted and trained professionals, cutting the need for extensive hiring efforts.

Improve Project Outcomes

Benefit from the ability and skills of our exceptional functional consultants, leading to improved project outcomes, increased efficiency, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Increase Win Rate & Profitability

Utilize our low-cost, high-value input from apprentices to develop blended rate strategies that drive down client costs, ultimately increasing your win rate and boosting profitability.

How the Process Works

We offer a variety of opportunities to meet your unique company needs. These include full-time placement, training and support for your existing team members, and the ability to create your own pipeline of students.  

Upskill Model

Upskilling your existing resources has never been easier with Power Learn Academy. Our comprehensive courses are designed to enhance their expertise and bridge any skill gaps. We work closely with you to create a custom training plan tailored to your goals. After completing the training, your resources will be certified and fully prepared to tackle new projects with confidence.  

Franchise Model

Power Learn Academy is your partner in building a consistent talent pipeline for your organization and partners. We provide all the necessary resources and support to make it happen. From training materials to vetting, training, and mentoring certified Microsoft Consultants, we have you covered. With our expertise, you can confidently develop a skilled and reliable team that meets the needs of your organization and partners. 

Placement Model

At Power Learn Academy, we take pride in our exclusive and rigorous selection process. We handpick the most talented individuals who possess the drive and passion to excel in the technology industry.  

Once we have identified the perfect match for your organization, they undergo a 90-day internship with your organization. This immersive experience allows you to witness their dedication, problem-solving skills, and ability to work seamlessly with your team. Then, with project experience under their belt, they join your organization as a full time hire with a locked-in salary of $58-63k.  

Join our exclusive cohort of satisfied partners who have experienced the benefits of working with Power Learn Academy.  

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