We're the Change We Want to See In the Microsoft Community

Power Learn Academy is an exciting initiative created by Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG) to tackle the resourcing challenges in the Microsoft community head-on. With over a decade of experience in service delivery and staffing, DCG observed a remarkable shift in the partner channel. Companies were recognizing the immense potential of Microsoft software but were struggling to find qualified resources that won’t break the bank. It was time for a change.

We Set Out on a Mission

In 2020, DCG began the journey to revolutionize the resourcing game with Power Learn Academy. We set on a mission to:

Change Lives

We transform lives by providing individuals in career crisis with the skills and opportunities they need to forge a successful career in the ever-evolving world of Microsoft technology.

Deliver Diversity

We drive innovation and foster creativity by introducing individuals from all backgrounds to the Microsoft community and empowering them to become leaders who champion change.

Generate Fresh Talent

We help partners employ highly capable professionals who shape the future of the Microsoft ecosystem by pre-training and prepping their new talent to succeed.

Then, we turned a mission into action and began perfecting our unique Microsoft business technology apprenticeship program.

We Let Our Core Values Steer Us in the Right Direction

To ensure we work toward our mission every day, we hold our team members, instructors, students, and partners to the core values that guide our decisions. And it’s proven to be the difference between Power Learn Academy and traditional educational or placement programs.  


We embrace challenges and work with our students and partners to evaluate their situations, identify the best solutions, and overcome their obstacles. We also challenge our partners to think differently and our students to do something they have never done before.


We believe a community of people that share smart, humble, and hungry characteristics and an interest in technology can change the world.


We honor and lift up individual differences, knowing that our unique attributes set us ahead rather than set us back.

Meaningful Work

We provide an opportunity to do meaningful work so that individuals can become their personal and professional best.


We believe in giving back to the community that has helped change our lives so that we can change others.

Join Us at a Host City Near You

Kansas City, Missouri

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us at Power Learn Academy and unlock the opportunities that await you in the Microsoft ecosystem. Together, we will reshape the future of talent acquisition, revolutionize the industry, and have a little fun along the way. Are you ready to power up? 

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