About Power Learn

Learn about the team at Power Learn, the program, the founding mission and the reason why we are so passionate about helping people change their lives.

About Power Learn

We realized early that our best consultants did not come from MBA’s at prestigious schools. They did not come from extensive IT backgrounds or decades of experience but came from the people we took a chance on and taught them how to be amazing consultants and developers. Thus Power Learn was born in the fall of 2020, with the first-class launching and graduating in the spring and summer of 2021, respectively. We launched this academy to backstop to those who wanted to transition away from their current careers. We took our knowledge as world-renowned and award-winning consultants to the masses by introducing a real career change program that was not steeped in academia without practicality or the traditional for-profit college model, but instead, we created something else, something altogether new. An exclusive and tough program that allows students to graduate into a job, a field, and a career all in one. We eliminate the guesswork about it, will I have a job, is it worth it, does this actually have real-world use. All of these questions are answered on day one without ambiguity.

About Dynamic Consultants Group

Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG) is a global Microsoft Partner and consulting company. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with teams and resources specializing in Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Business Consulting. DCG is a full-stack team dedicated: “To see businesses transformed through technology and innovation so they can become market disruptors and better serve their customers by being on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation.”  We are as passionate about helping people as we are about helping companies. That’s why we created Power Learn Academy to help people break into technology and reap the benefits of a new career.

Kansas City, Missouri

Located just north of downtown Kansas City, our global headquarters is the site of the first and ongoing Power Learn classes, with access to a broad talent pool and a thriving city.

Dallas, Texas

Located near DFW airport, our Dallas-based office in Cypress Waters offers Power Learn students and employees various amenities and benefits just a few minutes from downtown.


Power Learn is always expanding beyond just the DFW and KC metros, with offices worldwide. Look for a Power Learn class starting soon near you, or reach out to us about distance learning.

About The Team

Power Learn Academy is comprised of some of the best consultants in the industry that double as teachers, instructors, and mentors to students. We are all about real-world hands-on training, we do not use theoretical, or conceptual training. Most of our consultants have years or decades of industry experience and real-world project knowledge they bring into our class rooms that offer time-proven and actual practical information about consulting, development, user adoption, digital transformation, software implementations, citizen development and more. From Automotive to Telecommunications, to Retail, Construction and beyond you can look to them to give you the latest best practices to help you succeed.

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